Major League Hacking 2020 Hackathon Season



No, it's not that kind of hacking. Hackathons are 24 hour competitions which provide students with the opportunity to express themselves and tackle challenging problems using technology. People with and without technical backgrounds come together, form teams around a certain topic or idea, and collaboratively code/build a unique solution from scratch — these generally take shape in the form of websites, mobile apps, or hardware designs. So grab a couple friends and come code and build to your heart's desire.


PackHacks is free for all students to attend – what this means is we’ll provide you with everything you need to be comfortable while you’re hacking. This includes meals, snacks, activities, and t-shirts as well as workshops on important, practical subjects like building a website or developing your first app. We encourage students to use PackHacks not only as a forum to test and enhance their technical skills, but also to socialize with students with similar interests and to have fun!


In addition to the great amenities you’ll receive just for participating in PackHacks, there are also many prizes available to teams that display exceptional creativity and technical prowess in the competition! Judges will award multiple prizes at the end of the 24-hour period, including overall 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes for the entire competition. However, there’s no pressure to be competitive; newcomers are encouraged to use PackHacks as an opportunity to learn and explore, but anyone who wants to compete should do so!




When is PackHacks?

8AM April 4 - 11AM April 5

Where is PackHacks hosted?

North Carolina State University - Engineering Building 2

Do I need prior experience?

No experience, no problem. We'll be having workshops on making apps and working on hardware throughout the event, and a hackathon is a great environment to focus on learning how to code for an uninterrupted, 24-hour period.

Who can participate?

PackHacks is open to both high school and college students (Cubs and Wolves divisions). High school students will compete only against each other and will have 12 hours rather than the full 24 to complete their projects. However, they will still be allowed to participate in all activities and workshops while attending. An awards ceremony for just high school students will then be held on Saturday after the 12 hour mark. College students will continue coding until the 24 hour mark has been reached on Sunday.

Who do I contact for more info?

Does PackHacks offer travel reimbursement?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of requests, PackHacks will most likely be unable to offer travel reimbursements. We will update attendees in the future should this change.

How much does the event cost?

$0 - PackHacks is 100% free for everyone to attend!

How does the competition work?

Teams of up to 4 will work together to code or build a project and present it to the judges. This project can be or do anything; there are no constraints on what teams are allowed to develop. The judges will then select the best overall projects as well as projects which excel in certain criteria (most creative, best looking, etc). Every project must be fully completed at the hackathon - no outside work/help is permitted.

Do I need to bring a computer?

Yes, all participants must come with their own laptop if they intend to code during the competition. Laptops cannot be provided.

Will hardware be provided?

Yes, a limited amount of hardware will be provided, but students are encouraged to bring their own if they have a specific device in mind they would like to use.

What do I get?

All participants will receive meals, snacks, t-shirts, and "swag". Students also get the valuable experience of working on projects together and the opportunity to take workshops which teach practical computer science skills.